art appraiserAPPRAISALS
We have previously prepared IRS (Internal Revenue Service) appraisals for the United States government, CCPERB (Canadian Cultural Property Review Board) appraisals for the Canadian government as well as insurance and FMV appraisals for many national and international corporations, not for profit organizations, public galleries, museums, insurance companies as well as private individuals.

We provide fine art appraisals prepared in accordance with the current appraisal standards as set forth by the International Society of Appraisers and in accordance with the current standards of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal practice. The appraisal is a carefully researched, scholarly document reflecting current market trends.

We will visit the location of the items to be appraised, do a condition inspection, take photographs, catalogue those items and document any provenance. Upon signing of a short contract a 50% retainer is collected, at which time the appraiser will begin his/her research. Upon completion of the appraisal report the appraiser will collect the remainder of the fee. Fees are not based on a percentage of the anticipated appraised value and we do not purchase items that we have appraised.

We provide consulting services to include investment strategies, collection management, cataloguing, conservation and restoration choices, authentication and storage options.

Our company is pleased to provide written appraisals, collection management and consulting services of Chinese and Asian fine and decorative arts. Our Asian art expert speaks Mandarin and reads and write Chinese and is capable of providing written appraisals in both English and/or Mandarin Chinese.

Our Asian art expert has a wealth of experience and outstanding educational credentials in the study and appraisal of Chinese and Asian cultural artefacts, including study at the National Taiwan University, Taiwan, study in Oriental and African Studies, at the University of London, London, employment at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto as well as undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia respectively.